Sometimes the path we take isn’t always the journey we thought we’d be on.

I say this respectfully and without hesitation, as that has been my great experience over the past 5 years with Harmony. As I reflect on the paths I’ve taken, I realize the plans that we all make are not necessarily the directions intended for us. The education we’re afforded, the chances that make us champions, and our trust in the growth process can guide us to opportunities we never dared to consider. 

No one can take your education away

My professional background began in sales. That’s where I began my journey with Harmony as well. Yet here I am 5 years later as an Accounts Receivable Specialist. I never imagined accounting would be my path – let alone something I enjoy and am so very passionate about. 

Through my extended college education I savored moments of learning. One of my favorite subjects was math – algebra specifically. I didn’t fully comprehend the true value of this subject then, but those of us in accounting rely heavily on its principles. We solve problems and dissect discrepancies and variances.


And as we climb professional ladders and grow the avenues in which we can contribute, one thing is crystal clear: education is a valuable commodity that no one can ever take from us. I’m grateful that algebra struck a chord with me at a young age and that it guided me to being a part of the accounting community. 

Chances make champions

Believe in something – even if it means sacrificing everything.”

– Colin Kaepernick

The idea of chances making champions resonates deeply within me, especially in light of all that this year has brought. From racial inequality to a divided nation in distress to a pandemic ravishing the globe, 2020 has dared us to overcome trials and tribulations we weren’t prepared to face. Yet somehow we’ve all experienced quiet moments of reflection. Those moments have provided clarity and guided us in how to survive – and even thrive in – challenges. 

When I took on the role of an AR Specialist here at Harmony, I was in uncharted waters. Ironically, Harmony is an organization that uniquely identifies qualities within us that perhaps we don’t see within ourselves. I have great gratitude for Christian Brown, our founder, who saw something in me. He brought a chance to my doorstep when he asked me to take on an accounting role. I had to learn to adapt quickly to a different environment. Sales vs. accounting – they’re oh so different!

But I accepted the chance, dared to consider the challenges, and began paving my way. 

I read a recent article on challenges many businesses faced in their collection efforts in the wake of the pandemic. It noted that efforts of collection were down 48% post pandemic. There are 36% more placements, but their unpaid balances are 42% smaller.

I’m proud to have accepted the challenge to develop my accounting skills years ago and now have the experience to make a difference for Harmony in the face of COVID. We certainly beat the odds in comparison to the article previously mentioned. That said, the work is far from over as businesses across all industries continue to come back. But that work starts with taking a chance and facing uncharted waters like champions. 

take a chance

Trust in the process

If there is one thing leadership has taught me at Harmony it’s that how we lead can pave the path for others. I take great pride in working with who I consider an apprentice – Angela Jones. She, much like me, came into her role as Accounting Assistant with little experience. And she was able to trust in the process of professional growth much like I did with Christian years before. 

Angela plays been a pivotal role in our development as a finance team. Her assistance in AR and her success as a team member who meaningfully and actively contributes is unmatched. She learns, adapts, and travels the twists and turns of what lies ahead for her professionally. I’m humbled to work with her and committed to guiding her toward educational opportunities and chances that help her succeed. 

The lessons we learn, the chances we take, and our ability to trust in a process – and in those who believe in us – make us stronger individuals, better stewards in the workplace, and better leaders for tomorrow. May we all follow a path that allows future generations to grow with us and that brings prosperous ventures in the years to come!

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