At the heart of a successful cancer program is the ability to meet or exceed industry standards for quality and compliance. Outsourcing cancer registry services provides comprehensive assessments and data abstracting at the highest level of specificity. This ensures your limited time and resources are focused where they will deliver the greatest benefit: your patients and your bottom line.

The demand for CTRs continues to grow

According to the National Cancer Registrars Association, “The demand for qualified cancer registrars is greater than ever.” However, there is a staggering shortage of talent. This is largely due to the rigorous prerequisites to sit for the certified tumor registrar (CTR) exam. And adding to that is the fact that an average of 135 certified registrars leave the profession annually.

Outsourced cancer registry solutions can allow your cancer program to thrive amidst the shrinking talent pool. These solutions can help your organization improve efficiency and boost confidence in clinical data.

Outsourcing elevates your approach to the demand

Let’s take a look at 3 benefits outsourcing cancer registry abstraction services brings to the table:

#1) Expertise at your fingertips

Having a seasoned manager as a part of the outsourcing team provides an added layer of expertise. This is especially important when assessing your organization’s increasingly diverse patient population.

cancer registry professional

Such a manager also has the experience of improving process efficiency, which leads to greater productivity and a low turnover rate. This paired with a team of experienced CTRs will help eliminate cancer data collection errors. It will also provide you with the highest abstraction accuracy standards attainable.

#2) Access to additional resources 

Outsourcing means more access to additional resources. Your organization can take advantage of these resources to better monitor cancer care best practices. These practices are certainly needed when negotiating with payers and to protect revenue. They can also provide compliant reporting that impacts state and federal allocation of grant funding.

#3) Improved efficiency and focused goals

With the right outsourcing team, your organization can gain control of processes and costs. You’ll have highly qualified CTRs working on behalf of your organization’s bottom line. That means your team can advance in meeting organizational, clinical research, and ROI goals. That also means your organization will be miles ahead when it comes to providing evidence-based care.

shift to value-based care

The bottom line

If your organization is considering outsourcing its cancer registry services, invest in interim expert staff who can streamline processes and save you money. Your organizations can reap rewards such as:

  • physicians having enhanced reports and a clear vision of your cancer program’s progress
  • administrators gaining access to valuable oncology market share information
  • the entire team enjoying peace of mind when it comes to clinical outcomes and state reporting

Harmony at your service 

With the largest team of registrars in the nation, Harmony Healthcare has the flexibility and scalability your organization needs. We can seamlessly staff your organization with the skills required for each unique registry. Our robust support will keep your program running smoothly, allowing you to focus on providing quality patient care.

We are uniquely positioned to provide expertise solutions to help your organization with:

  • Commission on Cancer (CoC) program management / operational assessments
  • New CoC program development and implementation
  • CoC survey assessment and preparation
  • Annual report writing, preparation of statistical analysis, and outcomes reporting
  • Registry data quality and compliance audits
  • Outsourced solutions with guaranteed accuracy and compliance
  • Interim data oncology directors
  • Cancer registry management staff training and education
  • Proven oncology data abstracting and collection services for clinical trials, disease registries, and bone marrow transplant programs

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