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Making Meaningful Connections in a Social Media World

Making Meaningful Connections in a Social Media World It’s often said that it’s not what you know, but who you know. That has been the response every job seeker has heard ad nauseam for decades. And while that still has a place in the hiring world today, it’s time to double down on our networking efforts to truly enhance our endeavors in this respect. We are more connected as a society today than we have ever been in history. Social…

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Employee Spotlight with Cheryl Houy

Meet Our Director, Training & Development: Interview with Harmony Healthcare’s Cheryl Houy What do you do at Harmony? What does a typical day look like for you? I am the Director of Training and Development. I started as a recruiter here at Harmony Healthcare in 2015. The great thing about Harmony is through hard work and dedication you can write your own career path. I am now responsible for teaching the new recruiters and account executives, policies and procedures, how…

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Surviving and Thriving as a Single Mom

Surviving and Thriving as a Single Mom There can be no doubt that the struggles of a single mother go beyond that of a mother with a partner that can lend support. Read the true-life story of Harmony Senior Accountant, Tammy, and her strength to overcome. Never once in my young life did I think that I would end up being a single parent at the age of 20. We were supposed to be together forever, that was the plan—but…

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A human capital management company, providing staffing and consulting solutions in Revenue Cycle Management and Population Health to a diverse range of healthcare organizations nationwide. The company’s portfolio delivers quality solutions to empower healthcare organization success, enhance clinical and financial outcomes, and enable the transition to value-based healthcare.


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