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Tyler Maister

Employee Spotlight: Tyler Maister

Meet Tyler Maister, Harmony Healthcare Recruiter 1. What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago? It’d have to be to just to keep my head down, keep working, and eventually everything will work itself out one way or another. 2. How do you balance your work and personal lives? I make sure to take time every once in a while to just relax. It definitely is hard to do this – as all of my consultants are very well aware,…

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cat in a yoga mat

5 Mental Poses for Embracing Your Peace

I was having a conversation with my co-worker Michael the other day. I said something, and he smiled and said, “That’s that yoga talk right there!” It got me thinking about how important “that yoga talk” really is. I began doing yoga in 2007, but I began to practice yoga philosophies on AND off the mat in 2016 when the first piece of yoga talk really hit me. (The teacher presents when the student is ready.) Yoga isn’t just about being flexible;…

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create an outpatient CDI program

5 Advantages of CDI Teams Across the Revenue Cycle

Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) programs are made up of some of modern healthcare’s unsung heroes. The work of these specialists “helps to paint an accurate picture of the severity of a patient’s illness and the extent of the care required.”  With the weight of COVID-19, the value of CDI specialists and the support they provide has never been more apparent. Let’s look at how you can enhance organization success with CDI specialists on your team. Why focus on CDI  CDI…

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