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create an outpatient CDI program

5 Advantages of CDI Teams Across the Revenue Cycle

Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) programs are made up of some of modern healthcare’s unsung heroes. The work of these specialists “helps to paint an accurate picture of the severity of a patient’s illness and the extent of the care required.”  With the weight of COVID-19, the value of CDI specialists and the support they provide has never been more apparent. Let’s look at how you can enhance organization success with CDI specialists on your team. Why focus on CDI  CDI…

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Khoury Crenshaw

Employee Spotlight with Khoury Crenshaw

Meet Khoury Crenshaw, Harmony Healthcare Recruiter   1. How do you make sure to balance your work and personal lives? Life’s a marathon, not a sprint. What I mean by this is that I try/strive for the ability to pace myself throughout life. Finding the balance of putting energy into work, family/friends, and myself is important to me. Routines work best for me because I need time at the gym and me time (beach, rest, books, and/or video games) to clear…

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successful job candidates

5 Habits of Successful Job Candidates

We all know those people who seem to land any job – regardless of what’s going on in the world around them. While some of this may be attributed to talent and charisma, there’s more to it. Your ability to find and keep the perfect fit for your career includes developing key habits of successful job candidates. If you’re new to the world of non-clinical healthcare or if you’re looking to amp up your career path in areas such as…

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