Meet one of our Account ExecutivesInterview with Harmony Healthcare’s Kenny Mackintosh


1. What are 3 things you hope to accomplish this year?

This list has changed so much over recent months. I have had to reevaluate and consider what is possible due to the pandemic, so some of these may overlap into the new year.

Firstly, I’d like to be healthier, exercise more, and eat well. While working remotely, I have managed to kick this off, but I need to keep the routine going. Secondly, I’d like to take more time out to travel. Lastly and this may spill into next year, I’d like to buy a house. I have a property back home that I rent out, but would like to plant roots here in Tampa.

2. Tell us about a powerful lesson you’ve recently learned.

Health is so important and something that I think a lot of us have taken for granted until this year. Not only physical health but also mental health; it’s important we make sure our loved ones have everything they need and feel that they have our support should they need it.

An example: I have had at least 5 good friends from back home ask after my mom and offered to visit, go grocery shopping for her, and help around the house. That made me feel loved and supported. It means a lot.

3. Tell us how you enjoy your downtime.

I’m a man of simple pleasures really. I enjoy being outside and making the most of the stunning Florida sunshine as much as possible. It’s a far cry from the dreary weather and short-lived summers I grew up with in the UK!

My wife and I have two dogs: a 3 year old French Bulldog and a four month old Pit Bull (we also have a black and white cat). Both are very sweet and love all other dogs and meeting new people, so we try to take them out as much as possible. I love watching movies whether that’s at home or in the cinema. A good night out for me is going to a nice restaurant and eating good food accompanied by good drinks and friends.

4. Who is your favorite superhero and why?

I’m a huge Batman fan. I think his appeal to me is that he is normal guy competing with and keeping up with extraordinary beings. To do so, he uses his superior wit and utilizes technology to compensate for any shortfalls. 

Just goes to show that you can do or be anything that you put your mind to – even a guy dressed as a bat!

5. Tell us someone important in your life.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you about my wonderful wife Sabrinah. We have known each other since our late teens, been together for 11 years, and married for 4.

We both grew up in South London and always had ambitions of moving to warmer climates, hence why I grace the Harmony office with my presence here in Tampa. Sabrinah works for USF Health in the Center of Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation facility in downtown Tampa where she helps the administration team with scheduling and training. She is an avid reader, loves all animals, and enjoys napping in the afternoon on weekends.

6. What’s your favorite movie quote and why?

So, let me provide some context before I share my favorite quote. It’s from the movie Interstellar starring Matthew McConaughey. He is forced to dock with his space craft, which is in a rapid spin, or else face being stranded in deep space. To dock, he must match the rate of spin. His robot companion who has done the math says, “It’s impossible,” to which Matthew’s character replies, “No, it’s necessary.” Of course, he successfully docks.

Just goes to show that we can achieve great things and seemingly impossible feats when we put our minds to it.

7. Tell us what motivates you.

Working towards bettering myself, providing a better future for my family, and looking forward to sitting back one day and taking in what I have achieved.

8. What does leadership and success mean to you?

A leader is someone who drives an organization or group, and in past experience, it isn’t always the person at the top that stands alone in leadership. Effective leadership is an essential cog in the wheel to success.

Success, however, can come in all forms. It is down to us as individuals to determine what we feel is success. An organization will usually define what its vision of success is; however, on an individual level, it’s important to define what you determine are your success goals and to work towards them.

For more on what success means to me, check out my #InnerHarmonyQuote. 😉 

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