Meet Khoury Crenshaw, Harmony Healthcare Recruiter


1. How do you make sure to balance your work and personal lives?

Life’s a marathon, not a sprint. What I mean by this is that I try/strive for the ability to pace myself throughout life. Finding the balance of putting energy into work, family/friends, and myself is important to me. Routines work best for me because I need time at the gym and me time (beach, rest, books, and/or video games) to clear my mind. 

Khoury Crenshaw

2. Tell us about your weirdest job experience. 

I guess my weirdest experience would’ve been as a teaching assistant at Michigan when I was in charge of 22 and 23 year old students. 

3. What piece of advice would you give to someone new to your role here at Harmony?

Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone has their own path in staffing, so stay committed to your craft and come in every day ready to work hard.

4. Tell us about an accomplishment that made you proud. 

A work-related accomplishment that made me proud was placing my denials/appeals consultant and hearing her reaction to getting the job! It’s those type of moments that keep you coming back in this field. Being able to find someone a life changing job they truly love is amazing to me!

Khoury Crenshaw

5. What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership can be found in many ways: leading by example, leading by words/action, standing up, and/or making a difference for others. A strong leader may not necessarily be the one who does the greatest things, but he or she is the one who gets people to do the greatest things. 

6. Create a soundtrack to your life with just 5 songs.

  • “Successful” by Drake: I chose this song because Drake’s my favorite artist and I believe that success is what everyone wants in life
  • “Soundtrack 2 My LiFe” by Kid Cudi: Being from Cleveland, Ohio, I grew up to this song and the song name being soundtrack 2 my life.
  • “All the Above” by Maino & T-Pain: This song has always been a favorite of mine due to sports and speaks about making it out from nothing to greatness.
  • “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor: This song is one of my favorites because it speaks on staying humble and gaining respect.
  • “Hope” by Faith Evans & Twista: This is a childhood song I remember with my family. You have to always stay hopeful! 

Khoury Crenshaw and family

7. When you retire, what do you hope people will say at your retirement party about you?

I hope they say how genuine I was and how much I was able to give back. I want to use the resources/experiences that I’ve been given to show others how to achieve success whether that’s athletically, financially, or simply as a human being.

8. What is your wish list for the next 5 years?

I wish to be able to travel to Spain and Italy and attend concerts and collegiate/major league sporting events like prior to the pandemic!

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