Outpatient Clinical Documentation Improvement

Improve quality of care and optimize reimbursements

Outpatient Clinical Documentation Improvement, analytics combined with subject matter expertise

Proper and accurate clinical documentation and coding has always been important, but in today’s shifting healthcare landscape, it is a strategic imperative. Medicare revenue is at risk. The importance of HCC capture is critical for both your current reimbursement as well as future payments. With MACRA upon us, if you want to get paid, you need to prepare now.

Harmony Healthcare’s Outpatient Clinical Documentation Improvement (OP-CDI) is an effective and efficient solution that will facilitate long-term sustainable outcomes for decreased denials and enhanced revenue. Our solution is more than just deploying clinical documentation specialists in the outpatient setting, it is centered on data analytics, physician end-to-end workflow optimization, and leveraging technology for improved efficiencies and outcomes.

Benefits of OP-CDI

  • Guarantee a return on investment
  • Keep pace with regulatory changes
  • Identify meaningful clinical documentation and revenue integrity opportunities
  • Decrease denials to manage for optimal financial performance
  • Maximize quality clinical outcomes

Harmony’s OP-CDI program focuses on:

  • HCC data analytics to identify and quantify high-value and high-return physician specialty focus areas
  • Problem list repair and management solutions to streamline physician workflow and eliminate pre-visit HCC reviews, multiple problem list confusion, and conflicting documentation
  • Optimized physician EHR documentation and coding tools to simplify physician workflow, enhance documentation quality, and promote appropriate coding for optimal reimbursement

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