COVID-19 has shone a spotlight on the healthcare industry. We applaud those on the front line of this public health emergency as they work to protect the well-being of our communities and the healthcare system. 

Even before the pandemic, employment in clinical healthcare services was projected to far outpace growth in other sectors. But what many may not know is that those behind the front line of the healthcare system are fighting for us too. Many of their non-clinical roles are also outpacing growth in other industries, including:

In the aftermath of COVID-19, there’s no doubt that the demand and the growth in roles such as these will continue to rapidly increase. Navigating the post-COVID-19 world and the complexity of the healthcare industry will be challenging. This is where healthcare recruiters come in.

Why should you work with a healthcare recruiter? Let’s look at 3 ways they can help you.

#1: Maintaining focus 

Let’s face it: COVID-19 brought major challenges to healthcare systems’ front doors around the globe. It also highlighted the need to fill roles in critical areas like coding, clinical documentation specialists, and health information management. This will help healthcare organizations manage behind the scenes of everyday care as well as public health crises. 

When you work with a healthcare recruiter, you can focus on the essential nature of your work while your recruiter focuses on finding your next job opportunity. 

#2: Understanding industry trends

Few industries change as quickly as healthcare. With new technologies, policies, and positions, it’s crucial to recognize the candidates who can adapt to such a dynamic environment.

Quality healthcare includes more than clinical care. From members of health information management to revenue leaders, to coding professionals and beyond, those in non-clinical collaborate with medical professionals who provide patient care. That joint effort helps to create a smarter health system that benefits all of us.

Healthcare recruiters have a deep understanding of the synergy between departments and how it drives the healthcare system to the stability it needs for long term growth.

#3: Finding the right fit

There is a difference between what makes sense on paper and what works well in the real world. Even if applicants tick all the right boxes for skills, experience, and education, they may be missing that vital component that makes the best fit. The same is also true for job seekers who could have been overlooked in past job searches for one reason or another.

woman waiting for job interview

Turnover is a well-documented concern in the healthcare industry. It’s not the work that makes team members look for a change; instead, it’s often the environment. There may be an inherent incompatibility between those who leave and the organizations—even if they worked there for years.

It all comes down to experience. Healthcare recruiters work to connect you within a wide range of career paths and with multiple types of organizations. They can spot connections between the expectations of a work environment and what you and other diverse candidates bring to the table. 

Looking ahead

Working with a healthcare recruiter is a win for both hiring managers and candidates. It enables organizations to find the best candidates for essential healthcare jobs and empowers candidates to choose opportunities where they can thrive and create change. 

If you’re looking for a full-time or part-time contract, contract-to-hire, or direct hire non-clinical role, Harmony recruiters can help. We have open roles across the country for those who prefer to work locally and for those looking to travel and work remotely.

Our focus is on: 

  • coding
  • business intelligence and data analytics
  • revenue cycle management
  • revenue integrity
  • finance and accounting
  • health information management
  • audit and validation
  • clinical documentation improvement
  • case management
  • clinical abstracting and quality outcomes

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