Hospital Coding

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Hospital Coding, drive accuracy to optimize reimbursement

codingAccurate and complete coding is necessary for survival in today’s climate of value-based models with financial incentives tied to quality of care. The dangers of poor documentation and coding include at best, increased denials and millions of dollars in missed revenue opportunities. At worst, exposure to compliance risk and financial penalties.

Our Hospital Coding solution provides coding support to many types of healthcare facilities from independent practices to the most complex healthcare systems. Our coding support ensures precise, thorough and accurate capture of principal diagnosis, co-morbid conditions, and accurate POA indicators, to improve outcomes data and provide a defense for regulatory compliance reviews.

Whether you need interim help or are looking for an Enterprise solution, Harmony Healthcare can provide cost-effective, quality-driven solutions that optimize highly skilled professionals to support your initiatives and meet your strategic and financial goals.

Our three-phased approach to quality assurance

1. INITIAL REVIEW – Accuracy standards should be achieved from the first chart a consultant touches until project end. To ensure results, consultants are put on an initial review before proceeding. During the initial review, Harmony provides finalized statistics that describe accuracy rates of each coder.

2. CONTINUED AUDITS – Consultants will be reviewed to ensure they are meeting or exceeding the 95% coding accuracy standard. Any consultant falling below this standard two months in a row will be removed from the assignment for remediation and the client will not be invoiced for the training time of the replacement consultant. Random audits will be conducted on every consultant and audit reports will be produced. Action plans by Harmony’s Education team are developed if necessary and reviewed with client.

3. CONTINUED EDUCATION – Our Education and Compliance team is provided all necessary tools for audit and education. Coders are required to complete online education programs and provided coding clinics quarterly.

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