A 700-bed healthcare system in Mississippi faced a dire financial crisis, jeopardizing millions of dollars in revenue due to significant cash flow issues caused by a former offshore coding services vendor.


The health system was at risk of substantial revenue loss and potential non-compliance penalties due to a large backlog of uncoded accounts. The previous offshore coding vendor failed to scale their staffing and lacked the qualified talent to meet the necessary quality and production standards.

The client quickly realized they lacked the internal resources to address this problem in time. Without timely coding and billing, they faced reduced or delayed reimbursements, an increase in denials, compliance issues, and consequently, a growing financial deficit. Time was running out, and an urgent solution was needed to handle the backlog swiftly.


Harmony Healthcare was brought in to resolve the critical backlog issue and secure the healthcare system’s financial future. With extensive experience addressing similar challenges in other healthcare systems, Harmony quickly understood the assignment and mobilized top-tier talent within just two weeks. They staffed five Inpatient Offshore Coders and three Quality Auditors, eventually adding two additional Outpatient Offshore Coders.

Before commencing full production, Harmony implemented a comprehensive Quality Assurance (QA) process to ensure that all coding met and exceeded the defined standards. Once QA was complete and the Harmony team was integrated into the client’s workflow, they were able to make a significant impact on the backlog.

The Harmony Difference

Within just four months of production, the Harmony offshore coding team cleared the entire backlog of cases. The health system’s cash flow processes returned to normal, and more than a year later, Harmony’s offshore team continues to keep the client current on both inpatient and outpatient coding cases.

Harmony’s coders exceeded the client’s expectations regarding resource retention, communication, quality, and production, all at one-third of the cost of domestic coding resources.

Put your best foot forward with Harmony Healthcare. Contact us today to leverage our expertise and ensure your healthcare system’s success.

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