Enterprise Solutions

Increase productivity while reducing costs up to 30 percent

Enterprise Solutions, improve performance with quality-driven outsourcing

HIM International Quality Assurance Outsourcing part or all of your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) department is a better strategy to mitigate risk, improve quality, and increase revenue while meeting the demands of transitioning from fee-for-service to value-based care.

Whether you are looking at a full or partial RCM outsourcing solution, Harmony Healthcare can provide cost-effective, quality-driven solutions that optimize highly skilled professionals to support your initiatives and meet your strategic and financial goals.

Harmony offers remote Coding (Inpatient, Outpatient, ED, Pro-Fee, HCC) and Patient Financial Services (PFS) solutions.

Benefits of Enterprise Solutions

  • Scale as needed with client-centric solutions – With a deep talent pool of over 500 consultants, Harmony is uniquely qualified and flexible to shift resources quickly and efficiently to meet demand.
  • Ensure compliance and reduce risk and security – Application Service Provider (ASP) is a cloud-based, HIPAA compliant encrypted technology that enables our consultants to access medical records anytime, anywhere. Consultants seamlessly access the system via the Internet to perform their work meeting all KPI and metrics requirements. Results are returned to the hospital with productivity and audit logs tracked and reported to leadership. Faster turnaround times means decreased days in A/R – positively impacting the billing cycle.
  • Increase productivity while reducing costs up to 30 percent – By leveraging outsourcing health systems yield quality results while cutting costs. Thousands of dollars in expenses associated with finding, interviewing, and training staff who are new to an organization, in addition to the expenses associated with providing benefits, ongoing training, office space and supplies, IT equipment and software, and overtime are no longer a budgetary concern. You’ll see departmental cost reductions of 20 to 30 percent for domestic outsourcing.

Whether you need a solution to address short term goals, reduce backlog, lower DFNB, improve CMI, augment staff shortages, or are looking to implement outsourcing as a long-term strategy, Harmony’s Enterprise solutions are proven to impact improvements in quality and productivity while decreasing the burden of HR and employee costs.

What can Enterprise Solutions do for your organization? Contact us at 813.369.5159 to learn more.