Finance and Accounting

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Move your organization forward with expert Finance and Accounting

codingHaving efficient and effective finance and accounting within a healthcare system is critical for daily operations and long-term goals. It provides the necessary financial flexibility to operate clinically—to deliver better patient care.

Finance and accounting processes within healthcare require a detailed understanding of the many regulations that influence overall performance. Finance and Accounting services with Harmony Healthcare provide the necessary expertise to help drive the business forward.

Benefits of Finance and Accounting

  • Provide strategic direction for day-to-day management of revenue optimization and cost containment to support the shift to value-based healthcare
  • Formulate value-based initiatives to identify trends, cost drivers and care gaps
  • Ensure achievement of financial goals and improved outcomes consistent with priorities for compliance, quality and patient satisfaction
  • Identify opportunities to enhance hospital revenue streams through development of payer financial incentive arrangements
  • Evaluate and quantify the effectiveness of accounting processes and financial controls through a global audit and review of departmental processes and operations
  • Establish and develop strategies to improve financial performance of managed care agreements such as shared savings and global risk contracts with multiple health plans and CMS

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