Revenue Cycle and HIM Departmental Enterprise Solutions

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Remote Coding and PFS Solutions: Any Facility, Any time

HIM SolutionsHarmony Healthcare has recognized that there are many hospitals throughout the country that are still converting and implementing Electronic Health Records (EHRs). As a full-service solution, we have partnered with a company that allows us to provide remote coding capabilities to any hospital in the country regardless of system setup or phase of EHR implementation.

You will reduce your Revenue Cycle and HIM departmental budget by 30% to 60% of current cost while increasing accuracy and productivity with no more management and micro management. You will not feel the pressure or stress, we will!

In other words, Harmony Healthcare can offer remote coding and PFS services which dramatically reduce the price of interim Coding, Collections, AP, Insurance and Patient Access.

This is partly because the facilities eliminate “pay for travel,” and because of our ongoing relationships, we can offer lower bill rates.

Using an Application Service Provider (ASP) model, medical records can be accessed easily and cost-effectively by coders from virtually any location via the Internet. Coders are able to download assigned records from the secure data center and begin working any time. Upon completion, the coder simply submits the codes back to the hospital’s abstracting system, or sends a coding summary sheet.

The result: Faster turnaround times that decrease days in A/R and positively impact the billing cycle. It also drastically reduces the cost of utilizing contract coding services.

Ready for the best part? Implementing this technology is a very simple process. Harmony Healthcare assumes all costs of implementing and utilizing the software. Instead of traveling consultants in from all over the country, Harmony can implement this software and the travel expenses are immediately eliminated. We have found this to be especially helpful for facilities in remote locations.

Our process and servers are also strictly HIPAA compliant, eliminating the worry and guesswork of remote coding. In fact, our provider has implemented the tightest security measures available, using encryption certificates, audit logs and multiple security layers.

Harmony offers full and partial enterprise solutions that include Coding (Inpatient, Outpatient, ED, HCC, Pro-Fee), CDI, AR Management, Denials Management and Data Entry.

Our three-solutions delivery model includes:

  • 100% domestic labor
  • Hybrid model – a % mix of US and global labor
  • 100% global labor
  • Three global business partners with offices in the US
  • Proven ability to bundle services that reduce overall cost while improving operational efficiencies
  • Average cost savings between 20% – 60% per year
  • Each model can be integrated with client’s system
  • Business/delivery models are scalable for growth

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