Health Information Technology

Harmony Healthcare IT helps healthcare organizations leverage EHR.

Health Information Technology from Harmony Healthcare

Harmony Healthcare IT helps healthcare organizations to leverage your EHR to manage clinical documentation specificity, physician point of care coding & simplify workflow. Harmony Healthcare IT works exclusively in the EMR space providing staffing and consulting solutions across a vast spectrum of platforms and throughout the full lifecycle of an implementation, activation and post go-live optimization.

The Business Challenge

The transition to ICD-10 clinical documentation & coding requirements brought new challenges to the already demanding task of physician specialty point of care coding revenue cycle functions. Furthermore, the physician specialty outpatient environment will continue to be challenged with the MACRA requirements and expanding the importance of hierarchical condition categories (HCC) reporting.

In an environment where physicians must contend with the increased burden of regulatory billing requirements; the documentation and coding specificity inherent in the ICD-10-CM code set has increased physician documentation and billing times, taking valuable physician time away from their primary responsibility of providing patient care.

The Outpatient Environment

In the outpatient setting, the EMR is the physician’s main tool for clinical documentation and point of care coding activities; the EMR is also a main source of physician dissatisfaction and end-user frustration. In our experience, EMR physician coding and documentation tools were rarely implemented in a purposeful manner, therefore failing to unleash their full potential to ensure the detailed level of documentation and coding required to support accurate reporting for clinical quality and optimal reimbursement. With the conversion to ICD-10-CM, many of these tools were inadequately configured to meet the needs of the physicians, which is further compounded by physicians’ lack the coding and documentation expertise required for success in ICD-10. As a result, the quality of documentation and depth of coding fluctuates widely leading to missed opportunities for HCC reporting leading to problem list management issues and decreased reimbursement.

The Harmony Solution

Harmony recognizes these challenges and has developed an EMR Optimization enhancement service that combines EMR optimization with clinical documentation, ICD-10 coding and MACRA HCC compliance. Specific to physician point of care coding process, this service utilizes the technologies within your EMR to enhance its ability to support ICD-10 clinical and administrative documentation requirements, depth of coding and appropriate reimbursement.

We optimize the capabilities of your EMR by aligning the EMR configurations, clinical documentation and coding specificity in the physician point of care coding environment. The results are a seamless interoperability and enhanced clinical documentation specificity, appropriate depth of coding and an increase in physician efficiency, satisfaction, and engagement with the EMR.

EHR Implementation Services

  • Epic
  • Cerner

EHR Go-live Services

  • Credentialed Training experts ahead of go-live to build curriculum and provide classroom training for all levels of staff, both clinical and non-clinical.
  • Accredited Clinicians (RN’s and MD’s) to provide at the elbow support on site during go-live.

EHR Optimization

  • Uses a physician-focused approach to increase physician compliance, efficiency, satisfaction, and simplify the physician workflow while gaining the maximize value from your EMR investment.
  • Provides customized documentation templates for EMR enhancements that are physician focused and facilitate capture of clinical documentation specificity, accurate coding, medical necessity, and charge capture.
  • Provides your organization with a cost- effective solution for physician education, EMR workflow best practices and improved clinical documentation and coding outcomes.
  • A physician interactive solution for standardizing physician coding and documentation that is readily adopted by physicians.

Job Titles:

  • Clinical Informaticists
  • Clinical Information Systems Manager
  • Clinical Staff Educator
  • EHR Application Analyst
  • EHR Project Manager
  • EHR Optimization
  • Informatics
  • Epic Certified Principal Trainer
  • Epic Credentialed Trainer
  • Epic eLearning Specialists
  • Epic Physician Builder
  • Cerner Trainer
  • Cerner Application Analyst
  • Instructional Designer

Implementation Services:

Preparing an organization for one of the largest, most complex changes it will undergo requires strategic, proven solutions. Harmony’s Implementation Services cover the full spectrum of technology and organization readiness, from pre-implementation planning, to organizational readiness, to technical build and training. Supporting our clients through every stage of implementation planning and readiness, we prepare for the seamless transition into our full-spectrum Activation Management. Our implementation team provides services in the following areas:

  • Pre-Implementation Planning
  • Leadership Development & Mentoring
  • IT Organizational Design
  • Workflow Assessment & Documentation
  • Program Management
  • System Build & Testing
  • Upgrade SWAT Team
  • Application-focused System Reviews
  • Benefits Realization & Optimization
  • Custom Reporting Solutions
  • Affiliate Solution Strategy, Development, Execution, & Optimization

Activation Services:

With the time sensitive nature of implementing healthcare information technologies and processes, Harmony has developed a tested and successful Activation Management methodology to assist organizations in implementing financial and clinical technologies. Harmony’s industry-unique activation/go-live suite of services provides clients with a comprehensive solution to planning, communication, and deployment. Utilizing end-to-end activation practices that focus on successful adoption and proven performance metrics, Harmony deploys clinical and technology strategies designed to improve workflows, optimize revenue operations, realize project benefits, and reduce overall IT costs during an activation.

Harmony’s Activation Management teams manage, train, and support workflow changes and technology go-lives. Because no two organization’s needs are the same, Harmony’s scalable methodology helps organizations implement a strategic approach to training and activation that ensures a smooth planning and activation experience, with long-lasting, meaningful system adoption long after a go-live.

Harmony provides clients with cost effective and measurable solutions to implement, train, and activate their strategic information technology systems by creating frameworks that are usable and pushing metrics to understand success. Harmony is always committed to the success of our clients. Harmony offers strategic services in the following areas:

  • Command Center Establishment
  • Staffing Strategy Development
  • Communication Planning & Execution
  • Change Management Facilitation
  • Support Expectation Planning
  • Support Team Planning & Logistics
  • Support Deployment & Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Reporting & Support Allocation
  • Physician-centric Training
  • Help Desk Staffing & Support
  • First Call Resolution & Metrics Tracking
  • Organizational & Cultural Alignment
  • Dispatch Centers & Centralized Support
  • Advanced Support Modalities

Transformational Services:

Transformational Services encompass the strategic tools, planning methodologies, and effective accelerators required to take your company’s investments – “before, during, and after” – to reach next-level maximization and achieve sustainable organizational agility.

  • Population Health & Value-based Care
  • Stakeholder & Leadership Alignment
  • Program Management & Metrics
  • Enterprise Readiness
  • Change Management Strategy
  • System Upgrade
  • Experiential Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Interactive eLearning
  • Instructor-led Training
  • Simulation Training
  • Peer-to-Peer Education
  • Post-Live Scholar Program
  • Workflow Optimization
  • MACRA Readiness
  • Interoperability
  • eCQM
  • Benefits Realization & ROI
  • Telemedicine

Strategic Advisory Services:

Harmony’s Strategic Advisory team delivers cutting-edge consulting services and thoughtful, customized solutions for today’s top-of-mind healthcare IT challenges and programs, enabling health systems to best manage critical next steps for positive long-term results.

Harmony’s strategic healthcare IT Advisory Services offer solutions for today’s top-of-mind IT challenges and programs – engaging our team of former healthcare executives and technical experts, Harmony’s Advisory Services provide solutions under the following service areas:

  • Healthcare Security/Cybersecurity
  • Strategic IT Planning
  • IT Organizational Design & Governance
  • EHR Transition & Integration
  • Vendor Selection & Contract Negotiation
  • Interim IT Leadership
  • Real Time Location Services
  • Data Governance Program Development
  • Accountable Care Planning
  • Analytics
  • Interoperability
  • Population Health