Our Expertise: Hospital Coding

Achieve sustainable results in quality and reimbursement

Accurate and complete coding is necessary for survival in today’s climate of value-based models with financial incentives tied to quality of care.

Our 3-phased quality assurance approach ensures precise, thorough and accurate capture of principal diagnosis, co-morbid conditions, and accurate POA indicators, to improve outcomes data and provide a defense for regulatory compliance reviews:

The dangers of poor documentation and coding include increased denial, millions of dollars in missed revenue opportunities, and exposure to compliance risk and financial penalties.

Our solution provides coding support to a diverse range of healthcare facilities from independent practices to the most complex healthcare systems.

Coding partner

  • recover dollars in underpaid recurring revenue
  • decrease denials to manage for optimal financial performance
  • optimize reimbursement and improve financial outcomes
  • minimize risk and remain compliant
  • reduce accounts receivable caused by coding backlogs
  • free up staff from time spent identifying and hiring qualified coders

Coding professionals

  • Coding leadership
  • Inpatient Coders
  • Outpatient Coders
  • ED Coders
  • Pro-fee Coders
  • IVR Coders
  • Rehab Coders
  • HCC Coders


We deliver expert consultants within reimbursement, population health, and health information technology to providers on a national basis and across all care settings. These experts empower healthcare organization success, enhance clinical and financial outcomes, and enable the transition to value-based healthcare.


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