Registry Solutions

Harmony’s Cancer Registry and Oncology Data Management (ODM) services lead the industry.

Registry Solutions from Harmony Healthcare

Harmony Healthcare provides contract registry services to hospitals nationwide. Harmony Healthcare provides comprehensive assessments and abstracting at the highest level of specificity in a variety of settings: Certified Tumor Registry, Trauma Registry and Patient Registry. Harmony clients include many of the top oncology hospitals in the country.

Cancer Registry and Oncology Data Management

At Harmony Healthcare solutions we believe that DATA MATTERS.

We understand that millions of people are living with cancer and the accurate reporting of their condition, treatment and care could potentially be used to save lives. Harmony’s experienced, credentialed team of cancer registrars play an important role for our clients to help collect and report accurate cancer data for their patient population.

At the heart of a successful Cancer program is the ability to meet or exceed industry standards for quality and compliance. Harmony’s Cancer Registry and Oncology Data Management (ODM) services lead the industry in doing just that.

Our proven team of Certified Tumor Registrars (CTRs) transform workflows and help ensure compliance by providing:

  • Abstracting Services (On-site or Remote)
  • Cancer Program Assessment
  • Cancer Registry Assessment
  • Central Cancer Registry Case Consolidation and Edit Correction
  • Pre-Commission on Cancer (CoC) Survey Consultation
  • New Commission on Cancer (CoC) Program Development
  • Annual Report Writing
  • NLP Enabled Solution
  • Statistical Analysis and Outcomes Reporting
  • Data Quality and Compliance Audits
  • Survey Preparation
  • Registry System Networking
  • Training and Education
  • Data Collection for Other Disease Registries (Breast Centers, Bone Marrow Transplant Programs)
  • Total Management Outsourcing
  • Interim Management Staffing


  • Specialized CoC program management, pre-survey readiness surveys, cancer program and registry operational assessments, CoC survey preparation and new CoC program implementation (transitioning state reporting to CoC-approved programs).
  • Experts in annual report writing, preparation of statistical analysis and outcomes reporting, data quality and compliance audits, Central Cancer Registry case consolidation and edit correction, survey preparation, registry system networking, staff training and education.
  • Timely, complete, accurate and proven oncology abstracting services and data collection services for clinical trials, trauma and disease registries and bone marrow transplant programs provided on a long- and short-term basis, delivered on-site or remotely.
  • Credentialed colleagues with extensive experience in Cancer Registry Services who undergo rigorous recruitment exams, ongoing quality reviews and reference and background checks.
  • Quality of output is reviewed continuously, and the Harmony team consistently meets or exceeds 95% accuracy.
  • Internally developed ODM best practices, professional support network and process sharing across all Harmony clients.
  • The largest team of CTRs in the nation, with many local resources and flexible schedules to meet client needs.
  • Robust eLearning and monthly in-service programs. Support for attendance at annual industry education conferences.


  • Enhance data quality, leading to improved operations and efficiencies for your cancer program.
  • Eliminate abstracting and processing backlogs to provide enhanced clinical decision support.
  • Improve clinical staff satisfaction with oncology data quality and reporting timeliness.
  • Guarantee a level of consistent performance that exceeds the current market standards in Cancer Registry Services.
  • Maintain compliance with CoC, State, NAACCR and SEER standards – 100% CoC survey success rate.
  • Provide timely, flexible, complete and accurate Cancer Registry Abstracting Services.

Job Titles:

  • Cancer Tumor Registrar
  • Certified Tumor Registrar
  • Oncology Data Center/CTR Coordinator
  • Cancer Registry Supervisor
  • Cancer Registry Abstractor
  • Cancer Registry Information Specialist
  • Cancer Registry System Administrator
  • Cancer Registry Director
  • Cancer Registry Manager
  • Oncology Data Manager
  • Cancer Registrar
  • Trauma Registrar
  • Bone Marrow Registrar