Revenue Cycle and HIM Global Review

During times of transition in any industry, it is often an opportune time to consider a "global" review of your organization's Revenue Cycle and HIM Department.

Harmony Healthcare: a full service Revenue Cycle

and HIM consulting firm


Times of transition are an opportunity to consider a “global” review of your Revenue Cycle and HIM Departments. During this review, Harmony Healthcare seeks to gain a macro and micro perspective of your department and provide you with solutions, time tables and costs from an independent perspective.

The review will include:

  • Policies & procedures
  • Medical record retrieval and reconciliation process
  • Medical Record Technology
  • Coding processes
  • Available coding documentation
  • Coding audit processes
  • Available education (HIM staff, physicians, etc.)
  • Available departmental performance reporting
  • Up-to-date evaluation of your CDI program
  • Preparedness for ICD-10


We provide the following services to healthcare facilities across the country:

  • On-Site Coders and Remote Coding Solutions: Any Facility, Any time
  • Auditors/ Validation Review
  • Coding and Audit/Validation services
  • CDI
  • Interim and Project Management HIM Management
  • Interim and Project Management Coding Management
  • CTR
  • Complete enterprise solutions for Revenue Cycle and HIM departments
  • Case Managers and Utilization Review
  • Tumor Registry

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