Revenue Cycle, HIM, CDI Global Review & Implementation

End-to-end operational assessments.

Harmony Healthcare: a full-service Revenue Cycle,

HIM, and CDI consulting firm


Times of transition are an opportunity to consider a “global” review of your Revenue Cycle, HIM and CDI Departments. During this review, Harmony Healthcare seeks to gain a macro and micro perspective of your department and provide you with solutions, time tables and costs from an independent perspective.

The Revenue Cycle global review and implementation will include:

  • Scheduling / Pre-Registration
  • Admissions / Patient Access
  • Insurance Verification
  • Charge Capture
  • Case Management
  • HIM
  • Revenue Integrity
  • Billing
  • Follow-up / Collections
  • Payment Posting
  • Bad Debt / Agency Management

The HIM global review and implementation will include:

  • Policies & procedures
  • Medical record retrieval and reconciliation process
  • Medical Record Technology
  • Coding processes
  • Available coding documentation
  • Coding audit processes
  • Available education (HIM staff, physicians, etc.)
  • Available departmental performance reporting
  • Up-to-date evaluation of your CDI program
  • Maximization of reimbursement using ICD-10

The CDI global review and implementation will include:

  • End-to-end Operational assessment of CDI program
  • Technology, software and other automated tools used in the daily function of CDI
  • CDS staffing, coverage and stability
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of daily work flows
  • Case selection, triage and workload distribution process
  • Reconciliation process
  • Communication processes with physicians, coding department and other professionals
  • Education plan documentation including curricula, continued, and remediation education etc.
  • Reporting metrics and Dashboards including operating, performance and financial used to manage the program
  • Data analysis, trending and outcomes analysis
  • Resources, job aids and tools analysis
  • CDI policies and procedure
  • Data analytics-driven solutions with proven long-term sustainable ROI.
  • Platform-enabled solutions including NLP technology capabilities for an automated approach for assessing documentation discrepancies.
  • Robust analytics with dashboards, automated worklist triage, and electronic resources to streamline CDI process for improved efficiencies and effectiveness.
  • Established history of implementing, evaluating & reinvigorating and updating existing CDI programs.
  • Platform-enabled solutions for Inpatient and Outpatient Clinical Documentation Improvement services for improved efficiencies and cost reduction.

We provide the following services to healthcare facilities across the country:

  • On-Site Coders and Remote Coding Solutions: Any Facility, Any time
  • Auditors/ Validation Review
  • Coding and Audit/Validation services
  • CDI
  • Interim and Project Management HIM Management
  • Interim and Project Management Coding Management
  • CTR
  • Complete Enterprise Solutions for Revenue Cycle and HIM departments
  • Case Managers and Utilization Review
  • Tumor Registry

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