Our Staffing Process

The Harmony Healthcare staffing process is efficient and effective

Harmony Healthcare attained 97% customer satisfaction in Dun & Bradstreet “blind” client survey.

The Harmony Healthcare Staffing Process – “efficient and effective”

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HIM Staffing Our Interview Process:

First, you will work with an Account Executive who will take responsibility as your “go-to” person for staffing the RCM positions that you request. After determining your specific needs, he or she will work with our team of Recruiters to search our extensive database of available professionals who qualify. At that point, the representative conducts in-depth interviews with those professionals whose skills and career goals match your requirements.

After this interview process is complete, we perform extensive due diligence on each possible candidate, including:

  • Application Review
  • Review of Resume and Skills Checklist
  • Thorough Screening – At least 3 health care professional references for whom the health care professional has worked with in the last 2 years

Complete Background check including:

  • Criminal search – felony/misdemeanor, every county they have worked or lived in for the last 7 years, plus a national search
  • Government search – OIG, HCFA, FACIS Sanction review
  • License, Certification, and Education verification
  • Sex offender registry search
  • Specialty-specific RCM Competencies
  • Certification and Licensure documentation/Tracking
  • Immunization documentation/Tracking
  • 10-panel urine drug screen, physical exam and titers if needed

Pre-employment tests including:

Each candidate is interviewed by the recruiter to assess their skills and aptitude for the position they are applying for. Health Information Management candidates are required to take the Harmony Healthcare HIM Pre-Employment Coding Test that coordinates with the skill set found on the applicant’s resume.

You will be presented with only the most qualified health care professionals in the industry. But our service doesn’t stop there. After we place the consultant with you, your Harmony Healthcare representative continuously monitors job quality and performance to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your decision.

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