Cyndi Thomas, Chief Development Officer

Cyndi Thomas

O: 813.616.5892

Cyndi is the Chief Development Officer for Harmony Healthcare. Cyndi is an accomplished Revenue Cycle staffing and solutions professional with over 20 years of experience implementing, managing and developing client relationships as a top performer for Optum360/United Healthcare, KForce, and Comforce.

Cyndi worked her way up the corporate ladder, starting as a recruiter, which gave her hands on experience understanding Consultant’s needs, to becoming company President. Cyndi has led many organizations, giving her an insight and understanding that Christian HG Brown, CEO of Harmony Healthcare, said raises her “knowledge network and reputation to legendary status. The day Cyndi joined Harmony Healthcare was a great day for me personally, as she has always been one of my heroes in the space.”

Cyndi brings a unique perspective to the challenges that organizations face with human capital management. In preparation for the conversion to ICD-10, Cyndi was recruited by a large hospital system to develop a coding education and work transition program to address the health system’s staffing challenges. This internal coder development program became one of the most successful in the nation, and has been a model for personnel development and human capital management.

Cyndi’s success fulfilling the healthcare staffing needs of all organizations, regardless of size or complexity, is reflected in her philosophy: deliver to the customer more than they expect.

As one of the pioneers of the contract coding/revenue cycle staffing industry, Cyndi takes pride in the numerous careers she has helped to launch. Cyndi’s passion for people, combined with her ability to understand client needs, makes her the perfect choice to lead the Harmony Healthcare client development team. Cyndi’s goal as Chief Development Officer is to continue doing what she does best: mentoring staff, sharing her insights, developing lasting business relationships, and exceeding the client’s expectations.