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5 Mental Poses for Embracing Your Peace

I was having a conversation with my co-worker Michael the other day. I said something, and he smiled and said, “That’s that yoga talk right there!” It got me thinking about how important “that yoga talk” really is. I began doing yoga in 2007, but I began to practice yoga philosophies on AND off the mat in 2016 when the first piece of yoga talk really hit me. (The teacher presents when the student is ready.) Yoga isn’t just about being flexible;…

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Broaden Your Healthcare Team’s Bench Strength

My mom gave me the greatest birthday present a few months prior to my 18th birthday: a round trip ticket and an invitation to the Butch Davis football camp at the University of Miami. I was and probably still am the biggest Hurricanes fan from the state of Indiana. This invitation was a dream come true, and I could not believe I was invited! I later learned that my mother oversold my upside, as only moms can. Regardless of merit…

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Find Your Voice: Reclaiming Your Power Through Writing

There is power in the written word. It can take us on journeys, convey the nuanced as well as the palpable, and compel us to feel. It can also empower us to act, to challenge, and to overcome. Writing can be a form of claiming – or reclaiming – our time, our space, and our voice. It’s an opportunity to fight feelings of powerlessness. Maybe we feel uncomfortable at work and need to self-advocate. Maybe we want to speak out…

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