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Our expert consultants enhance clinical and financial outcomes and enable the transition to value-based healthcare

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We approach a project from a client-value point of view. Our staffing and consulting solutions are focused on quality with a return on investment.


We offer a partnership based on strong connections and superior client service, including a dedicated consultant team and executive leadership support.


We’re committed to staying abreast of industry trends and changes so that we can invest in the long-term success of each client, providing superior service they can always count on.

In an ever-evolving environment, we deliver experts in 3 core categories to providers across all care settings. We're proud to be a part of creating a smarter healthcare system for all.
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Interoperability and Mobility: Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery

There are certain items that necessitate multiple components to benefit consumers. You can own the most polished and decked out convertible, but without an engine in it, you’re not going to be taking it many places to show it off. Similarly, smartphones offer capabilities to help you check the weather, communicate with friends and family, pay bills, check sports scores, and so much more. However, if you’re without a charger for your phone, it’s most likely not going to do you any good. Healthcare technology is another type of product that often works better when it’s utilized with other components.…
medical records

Exploring the Significant Impact of Cancer Registrars

In the battle against cancer, registrars play an increasing force in both improving individual and population health outcomes. These highly trained and specialized experts "collect data that provides essential information to researchers, healthcare providers, and public health officials to better monitor and advance cancer treatments, conduct research, and improve cancer prevention and screening programs." Through their partnership with healthcare professionals, they help providers make decisions on how to treat and prevent cancer. In 2020, more than 19 million new cancer cases were diagnosed and 10 million deaths occurred worldwide. The impact of cancer registry cannot be overstated. Let's look at 3…

Q1 Recap: Harmony on DCEs, Tech, and Value-Based Care

It's hard to believe we've already made it to April, but here we are. Spring is upon us, COVID vaccinations are widely available, and the healthcare community continues to evolve in its embrace of our new normal. Check out recaps from our blog on Direct Contracting, technology in healthcare, and value-based care. Direct Contracting Round-Up Understanding the Direct Contracting Model 101 With 51 Direct Contracting Entities (DCEs) participating in the Implementation Period of the Direct Contracting Model for Global and Professional Options, it's an exciting time for the healthcare community. Click the blog link to take a look at the…

We deliver expert consultants within reimbursement, population health, and information technology to providers on a national basis and across all care settings. They empower healthcare organization success, enhance clinical and financial outcomes, and enable the transition to value-based healthcare.


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