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Rolling the Dice: Should Healthcare Culture Emulate IT Culture?

Business operations in healthcare are complicated. That fact is evidenced by changing reimbursement paradigms, information security concerns, and a lack of interoperability within various platforms and applications utilized to capture clinical encounters. In simple terms, the rules are changing, reputational security risks are pervasive, and big data benefits are limited. The business development leaders at EPIC and Cerner failed to mention their products were originally constructed to be all things proprietary. Data sharing challenges are intensified by a myriad of fragmented bolt-on solutions designed to address specific business functions. As excellent as many of those products are, they were created…

Advancing Telehealth: Exploring the Work of HIT Experts

In today's digital age, the healthcare industry has access to more mission critical data than any other industry. Institutions within the industry are challenged to create a better patient journey and improve health outcomes for their individual patients and communities. Having the right health information technology (HIT) consultants on your team as your organization tackles those initiatives through telehealth is essential. These experts can:  implement impactful technology solutions for your organization optimize your organization's clinical as well as  business outcomes impacts clinical performance via claims data  recognize how to leverage data to inform your organization's overall strategy   As telehealth…
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Survey: Hospital Leaders Underline in Red Their Compliance Concerns

Recently we surveyed 60 hospital leaders on the most pressing compliance issue their organizations are currently facing. This came on the heels of the OIG releasing its top 10 compliance priorities, a list that ranges from stomping out telehealth fraud to ensuring protections to spur value-based care. We listed 4 priorities from the list of 10 that speak to concerns our clients have shared with us: stomping out telehealth fraud saving managed care integrity advancing equity in healthcare prioritizing cybersecurity Advancing equity and prioritizing cybersecurity were certainly the front-runners in our feedback expectations, but it's clear that each of the…

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