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Improving Healthcare Delivery with Interoperability Experts

Let’s say you get a deal at the store on some of your favorite movies. You get comfortable, make the popcorn, and sit down - only to realize you don’t have a device on which to play your new flicks. Some technology in healthcare is like that. It boasts a plethora of features and has a sleek design, but it doesn’t integrate well with other software solutions. Therefore, it doesn’t enable healthcare providers or payers to realize its full benefits. We've explored how many healthcare providers have been frustrated with the lack of operability between technologies designed to streamline workflows…
revenue integrity

Impacting Revenue Integrity in the Age of Telehealth

Revenue integrity experts are crucial to identifying and preventing recurrent issues that can cause revenue leakage, degradation, and compliance risk. They are the glue that binds clinical operations with coding and business office functions within any care setting to optimize revenue.  Different team members have various skill sets and expertise, but they all work together to validate quality reporting, provide compliance, and diminish risk while driving efficiencies. This collaborative effort is especially important as clinicians involved in charge capture record information for medical coders. These coders must remain compliant when relating diagnosis and procedure to each claim.   As coding continues to…
diverse medical team

What Do Healthcare Professionals Want Most?

When recently featured in an employee spotlight, our own Morgan Babcock was asked to share what helps her thrive in the workplace. Her answer? A collaborative team and a healthy work environment. But what does a healthy work environment look like? Or, more importantly, what doesn’t it look like? Many healthcare organizations are assessing how to best answer that question now after the pandemic "brought a heightened focus on the challenges on the workforce." And with a renewed focus on such benefits as more mental health resources and support, remote work options and flexibility, and better benefits, many healthcare professionals…

We deliver expert consultants within reimbursement, population health, and health information technology to providers on a national basis and across all care settings. These experts empower healthcare organization success, enhance clinical and financial outcomes, and enable the transition to value-based healthcare.


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