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Angela Jones

Employee Spotlight: Angela Jones

Meet Angela Jones, Harmony Healthcare Accounting Assistant Tell us how you like to start your day.  I don’t really have much of a morning routine. I wake up usually last minute. If you know me, you know I love sleeping. I take naps all the time and sleep in. But on weekdays, I wake up for my classes, and once class is over, I usually get ready for work. I would say something that I have to do every day when driving to work is play music in my car. I turn the volume all the way up and just…
lessons on leadership

Lessons on Leadership in Landscaping

I've always been inspired by growing up with a family who is very involved in landscaping and gardening. It's greatly guided my journey to where I am today. Little did I know as a child how my perception of both would inspire how I view situations from different angles in my career.  Landscaping and gardening today at my own home have brightened my view of my leadership role. The guidance my parents gave me on both centered on investing and thinking of all choices and outcomes and finding that perfect spot of balance, acceptance, and compromise - something that lends…
remote employee engagement

4 Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Amp Up the Employee Experience

The pandemic has opened the eyes of employers around the world as to just how valuable - and vulnerable - their employees are. As many on-site professional responsibilities shifted to remote seemingly overnight, it was up to dedicated team members to ensure this transition was seamless. This most certainly includes the world of healthcare.  While clinical staff naturally had to remain on-site to battle the pandemic, many non-clinical departments had to tackle essential tasks and projects off-site - and often in ad hoc arrangements - that keep facilities' doors open. Parts of this shift to remote work may likely remain…

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