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It’s Time to Amp Up Your Healthcare Organization’s Cyber Protection Team

Building a system of value-based healthcare relies on meeting an organization's data needs. In fact, data is indeed healthcare's most valuable resource - and arguably the world's as well. The current healthcare system is comprised of digital information; from electronic medical records to billing data to analytics to disease registries to administrative data and beyond, clinical, operational, and financial outcomes of healthcare depend on data. That makes healthcare systems notorious targets for cyber threats.  As technologies evolve, such as AI and predictive health models, data will become even more of an asset. Consumer health data is something that drives collaborative…
coding technology

Here’s Why Leveraging Technology Matters to Coding Experts

Hospital and professional coding usually begin when a doctor records information on services they provided to patients. It continues when that information is sent out as a charge capture to be assigned a billing code. Navigating this process is complex, especially considering that everything from a hospital room to tests and procedures must be billed for reimbursement. Even durable medical equipment varying from a wheelchair to a ventilator to something as small as a nebulizer must have appropriate codes - often accompanied by a modifier - before assigning a billing code. That requires highly qualified professionals who have expertise in…
trauma registry

Enhance Your Trauma Registry with the Right Experts

The healthcare industry produces a staggering amount of data. Hospitals alone churn out 50 petabytes of data per year, ranging from clinical notes and laboratory tests to medical images, sensor readings, genomics, and operational and financial data. There are also disease registries that encompass large amounts of data in their role as a tool for tracking the clinical care and outcomes of a defined patient population. Also, clinical registries record information about patients’ health status and the care they receive over time. Trauma registries are designed to provide information that can be used to improve the the quality of care and…

We deliver expert consultants within reimbursement, population health, and health information technology to providers on a national basis and across all care settings. These experts empower healthcare organization success, enhance clinical and financial outcomes, and enable the transition to value-based healthcare.


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