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Dynamic Case Management

Dynamic Case Management: A transformative model for hospitals

The time has come for a new approach to hospital case management services. To date, most hospitals have adopted some form of the dyad (integrated) or triad (collaborative) model to deliver the major functions of patient care. In the dyad model, the case manager performs utilization management (UM) and discharge planning. In the triad model, one case manager performs UM, another performs discharge planning and a social worker addresses psychosocial issues. Because of staffing shortages, hospitals have been forced to employ travelers or contract labor, which is expensive, to handle these functions. Consequently, many hospitals no longer can afford to…
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How CDI Programs Improve Healthcare

How CDI Programs Improve Healthcare CDI (Clinical Documentation Integrity) is quickly becoming one of the most critical factors in cultivating a thriving and productive healthcare practice. This internal auditing program can help avoid costly coding mistakes, unsupported clinical documentation, and regulatory noncompliance. Successful CDI programs are the first step in improving processes across your healthcare practice and increasing revenue while protecting providers and patients. Everything you need to know about CDI programs: What is CDI Program? What does a CDI professional do? What is the difference between Inpatient and Outpatient CDI Programs? How do you implement an outpatient CDI program?…
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How Risk Adjustment Programs Help Healthcare

As the larger healthcare environment evolves at breakneck speed, it can be challenging to keep your organization current. One direction in healthcare is the implementation of Risk Adjustment methodologies to predict current and future healthcare costs for individuals. Understanding the importance of Risk Adjustment in today’s healthcare climate is necessary. Everything you need to know about Risk Adjustment: What is Risk Adjustment? What is the goal of Risk Adjustment? What factors determine individual Risk Adjustment scores? How can Risk Adjustment Programs help healthcare organizations? What is Risk Adjustment? Risk Adjustment is a statistical methodology developed by the Centers for Medicare…

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