Clinical Abstracting & Quality Outcomes

Staffing solutions in clinical abstracting that enhance data quality to improve patient care and quality outcomes


Hospitals today participate in multiple and varied reporting programs with distinct effects on hospital operations. Payment, accreditation, and peer pressure from public benchmarking have made quality measurement and improvement a higher priority for hospital leadership. As patients become more consumer-centric and shoulder higher premiums and out-of-pocket costs, they are demanding more choices, access and convenience than ever before.

Hospitals respond to incentives, but they also value ongoing support for quality improvement (QI) offered in the form of data and prescribed changes in care processes. Such programs are attractive as hospitals aren’t left struggling to identify evidence-based interventions on their own to enable better patient care.

While reporting programs encourage improvement in quality outcomes, many are poorly coordinated and require extensive resources. In fact, hospitals are committing more staff to chart abstraction and data review with staffing burdens increasing with the number of programs they participate in. Private health plan programs, disease registries, and public programs incorporate very different priorities and methods.

Harmony Healthcare’s clinical abstracting and quality outcomes solution provides timely abstraction, organization, and reporting of your data to meet your organizational goals and quality initiatives.


Improve data backlogs and timely reporting ensuring accreditation compliance.


Improve patient care with ongoing support in evidence-based intervention information.


Gain control. Reduce costs and unpredictable outcomes caused by rotating temporary staff.



Advance efforts to deliver evidence-based care and meet clinical performance measures with registry abstraction at the highest level of specificity.


Meet clinical research goals and quality initiatives through timely abstraction, organization, and reporting of clinical data.

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Download our Registry Solution Brief to learn more.

Download our Cancer Registry Solution Brief to learn more. 

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