3 Expert Tips for Interview Success

You’ve got the interview, but now what? One of the best things about building a strong resume out of the gate is that most of the information you should be drawing on for the interview, is right in front of you. Now all you have to do is study and prepare for the interview.

Here are three things to focus on in an interview:

  1. Practice your active listening skills. What do I mean by that? Each interviewer is looking for specific abilities, accomplishments, words, characteristics—it could be anything. It is up to you to listen to the interviewer and determine what those needs are through the questions he/she asks. Keep in mind, in a panel interview for example, that each interviewer will likely have his or her own agenda and it is up to you to listen and identify what that it is, then tailor your responses based on that information.
  2. Be prepared to give examples of accomplishments. Re-read your own resume and provide examples of your accomplishments. This will help to provide a comfort level to the interviewer that you have a depth of understanding. You want to have major accomplishments stored in short-term memory, readily accessible in the interview. You may also have simply forgotten some of your accomplishments, so read your resume, line by line. Role play and think through potential questions the interviewer might ask—practice makes perfect.
  3. Be prepared to ask good questions. Candidates should ask questions to help them understand their interviewer’s needs. Two critical questions to ask interviewers: (1) “What do you see as the greatest challenge for the person accepting this position?” and (2) “If there was one goal that you would like to see accomplished in the first year, what would it be?” This is like getting the answers to the test before you hand it in. Listen for the answers and use examples and accomplishments to give comfort and understanding.
At the end of the interview ask for the position

Always go into an interview with a can-do approach. Consider your attitude—always show the interviewer you are positive, enthusiastic, and excited at the possibility of working there. Always bring extra copies of your resume. And always leave the interview by asking for the position!

Your focus is not whether you accept the position, yet, but that you are empowered to make that decision by getting an offer you may choose to accept, or not. No offer, no decision. You have what it takes…practice, practice, practice.

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