Meet One of Our Client Services Managers: Interview with Harmony Healthcare’s Will Hiler

What do you do at Harmony? What does a typical day look like for you?

I am a Senior Client Services Manager. I started out at Harmony as an Account Executive right out of school (Go Gators!) and eventually moved to the CSM team after about a year and a half. I recently celebrated my 4-year anniversary with Harmony on June 8th, so I have been in my current role for about two and a half years. The CSM team is responsible for managing day-to-day operations of our larger, more strategic accounts, while still managing and building our own book of business. I’m a people person, and what I like most about being a CSM is the daily interaction with my clients, which allows me the opportunity to develop a deeper relationship.

What did you want to be growing up?

Along with most kids who played Little League baseball, I had aspirations of playing in the MLB. When I realized at a relatively young age that wasn’t going to work out as planned, I wanted to be a dentist. Then I took chemistry freshman year at UF and realized science was not my calling. While I may not be a health care professional, Harmony has allowed me to have a career and make an impact in the field I dreamed of as a kid.

You love to cook. What’s your favorite dish to prepare?

My Dad taught me at a young age to cook and enjoy food. We loved making chicken marsala, parmesan chicken cutlets, and cheesecake together. This passion has stuck with me and I now love cooking together with my wife, Christina. My favorite meal to prepare has to be a grilled ribeye steak with asparagus and a baked potato. I’m a meat and potatoes guy, what can I say?

What would be your superpower?

Easy, teleportation—caveat would be anything I am touching travels with me. How awesome would it be to just go anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds? Pizza for lunch? Let’s go to Italy. Running late to work (even though I have the shortest commute in the office)? In my desk immediately. Need to see the entire family for the holidays? Problem solved. Want to go fishing in the Florida Keys? I’ll be on the water in five.

Where would you like to visit?

Gave you a hint above… Italy. Christina and I were just married in March and we spent a week in another bucket list destination, St. Lucia. But, the number one place I’d like to visit would be Italy. The history in Rome, the views of Lake Como or the Amalfi Coast, the many wine regions, and most importantly, the food throughout the country make this a much desirable destination. To experience the entire country will take multiple trips throughout a lifetime, but we plan to make our first trip on our first wedding anniversary.

What would you name your boat if you had one?

Growing up in Tampa Bay I have always loved the water, but my family never had a boat. Upon moving back from college, I somehow convinced my Dad that rather than a trip for my graduation gift, I would use the money towards a boat. With that and a few months at Harmony under my belt, I was able to buy an old, beat up, mid-80’s Carolina Skiff J16. While it was not anything nice, the flat bottom design of the boat really taught me how to drive a boat and I learned a lot tinkering with it myself and hanging out at the mechanic shop (I was there more than I would like to recall). I then upgraded to a flats boat, a 1996 Maverick Master Angler, that I bought off my now father-in-law. That was a fantastic boat, it caught a lot of fish and treated me well for the few years I had it, but the wife needed shade and the dog, something with higher gunwales to keep him in the boat. So, I recently purchased a classic, 1975 Aquasport 22-2, rebuilt in 2013. While none of them had an official name, I have always jokingly called them “Wet Willy”, so to answer the question, I guess I’m on “Wet Willy 3.0”.

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