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improve patient care with AI

Prescribing AI to Improve Patient Care 

We’ve all had tasks at work that we absolutely dread. For doctors, that task is often documenting patient care to the meticulous specificity required. Documentation is under growing scrutiny as healthcare continues to move toward value-based care. But in this day in technology, it’s never been easier. In this guide, we’ll look at what it takes to improve patient care with AI. Upgrading healthcare efficiencies Having accurate clinical documentation can “actually improve physicians’ baseline performance. This helps physicians rank higher…

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Monica Dillon

Employee Spotlight with Monica Dillon

Meet Our Accounts Receivable Administrator: Interview with Harmony Healthcare’s Monica Dillon This Kentucky native drives a scooter, is a diehard Miami Dolphins fan, and keeps the office abuzz with her witty maxims and her zany dance moves. She’s quite the character and combines a distinct set of skills with a congenial vibe as she tackles her projects here at Harmony. Without further ado, here’s Monica in her own words. Tell us about 3-5 traits that define you. It’s hard to…

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project management pitfalls

Say No to Project Management Pitfalls

As hospital leaders, you are often asked to do more with less in the ever-changing landscape of our healthcare system. Your responsibilities are often compounded with a handful (or more) of special projects you manage be it by choice or via delegation from leadership. It can be challenging to walk the tight rope of tackling such projects while ensuring the everyday expectations of your role don’t fall by the wayside. In this article, we’ll take a look at common project…

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