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Sierra Pena

Employee Spotlight with Sierra Pena

Meet Sierra Pena, Harmony Healthcare Recruiter 1. What skill do you wish everyone would learn? I believe empathy is a vital skill everyone should work on developing and becoming more in tune with for the sake of emotional intelligence and of course leadership. With everything going on in the world today, I think things would be very different if we all could compassionately listen and learn from each other. This is a skill I of course am still working on, one…

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Jeslynn Puskar

Employee Spotlight with Jeslynn Puskar

Meet Jeslynn Puskar, Harmony Healthcare Account Executive 1. Tell us how you like to start your work day. With a tall cup of black coffee and The Bobby Bones Show. 2. Who or what inspired you to pursue your career? My career was inspired by a lot of people and a little bit of a situation. I have always been interested in working with healthcare and skilled labor professionals. We all rely on these professionals in many ways, and to…

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case manager at work

5 Ways Case Managers Bring Value to Healthcare

As the faces of care, case managers walk patients through the healthcare system. They are responsible for seeing that patients’ health needs are met while also navigating those needs in cost-effective ways. Their services are – without a doubt – crucial to supporting patients as well as physicians and health plans. These experts work diligently to manage the cost of care across the continuum and to provide an invaluable scope of services. Let’s look at 5 ways case managers can bring value to…

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