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Today is a complex healthcare environment. Government regulations and compliance are more complicated and critical than ever. Margins are declining and the need to control costs is paramount. All while driving towards a value-based model to improve quality of care and outcomes.

Harmony Consulting Solutions offer you a range of services to solve these growing challenges in a changing healthcare landscape. Harmony consultants bring you innovative approaches and perspectives driven by deep industry experience to help you capture revenue and move your organization forward.


WE DELIVER SOLUTIONS DIFFERENTLY. We approach a project from a client-value point of view. Our solutions and services are delivered by a team of experts with hands-on experience, and with a guaranteed return on investment.

WE BUILD CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS DIFFERENTLY. We base them on strong connections and superior client service, including a dedicated consultant team and executive leadership support.

WE’RE FOCUSED DIFFERENTLY. We continuously stay abreast of industry changes to invest in the long-term success of each client, and the community, with superior services they can always count on.

Physician-Led Documentation Integrity Solutions (DIS)

Our Physician-Led Documentation Integrity Solutions (DIS) takes coding audit and validation reviews to the next level through a physician-directed clinical documentation review which validates whether the patient truly possesses the conditions that were documented in the medical record.

  • Physicians are trained in the principles of inpatient coding and focused on improving the specificity and accuracy of documentation
  • Physicians uncover hidden truths in patient documentation and partner with coders to assign the most accurate DRG on all DRG reimbursed inpatient cases
  • Physicians connect the clinical indicators in the chart and write peer-to-peer queries to identify the appropriate medical diagnoses

Our approach differs from traditional coding audit and validation with physician-directed reviews, provider education, technology, and predictive analytics. Through use of our cloud-based software, cases needing specialized physician review are micro-segmented. Through clinically-focused analytics, data is captured to identify challenges by discipline and DRG categories. With our physician-led DIS solution you’ll minimize risk and drive revenue recovery and compliance.

Outpatient Clinical Documentation Improvement

Our Outpatient Clinical Documentation Improvement (OP-CDI) is an effective and efficient solution that will facilitate long-term sustainable outcomes for decreased denials and enhanced revenue.

  • HCC data analytics to identify and quantify high-value and high-return physician specialty focus areas
  • Problem list repair and management solutions to streamline physician workflow and eliminate pre-visit HCC reviews, multiple problem list confusion, and conflicting documentation
  • Optimized physician EHR documentation and coding tools to simplify physician workflow, enhance documentation quality, and promote appropriate coding for optimal reimbursement

With our physician-centric, cost-effective OP-CDI solution, you’ll achieve the benefits of improved clinical documentation, physician workflow simplification, and a streamlined physician point of care coding process for improved physician satisfaction and increased revenues.

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