As we move forward with our 2021 intentions, we wanted to take a look back at 3 of our most well-received blogs from 2020. Harmony Insight, our company blog, addresses challenges that our 300+ clients and our 500+ consultants face. We’re proud to empower organization success and deliver consultants within population health and reimbursement to providers on a national basis and across all care settings. 

Without further ado, let’s look back at our insight on refocusing the customer experience, maximizing the value of CDI teams across the revenue cycle, and putting the right staffing solutions in place to boost patient engagement.

2020 blog recap


Investing in Digital: A Look at the Refocused Customer Experience

We recognize that healthcare is not only a competitive landscape but it is also one that is ever-evolving. COVID prompted swift reactions to needs and transformations in approach – mostly out of necessity. 

The pandemic compelled us all to accelerate changes that may have taken a backseat for far too long. But how will the rapid changes required impact strategies going forward? The full extent of that answer will likely take months –  if not years –  to determine. 

digital healthcare

In this piece, we look at new competition and expectations in telemedicine as well as the shift to a virtual workforce.

We also dive into our transition to virtual and how we continued to bring our customers value.

Let’s look at what these changes mean for healthcare’s customer experience. 

5 Advantages of CDI Teams Across the Revenue Cycle

CDI professionals are indeed some of the healthcare industry’s most unsung heroes. Thanks to their expertise, patients’ illnesses as well as the extent of the care they need is thoroughly and accurately described for providers. 

The pandemic has certainly raised the value of these specialists’ work and the importance of it to the revenue cycle. The healthcare industry can count on their support in many ways, including:create an outpatient CDI program

  • improvement of operational workflows
  • enhancement of quality of patient care
  • reduction in errors and protects quality 
  • improvements in denial management
  • stronger communication

Let’s explore at how your organization can enhance its success by adding CDI specialists to the team.

4 Tips: Boosting Patient Engagement with the Right Staffing

One of healthcare’s most impactful transformation’s over the last several years is the renewed focus on patients as consumers. They want more personalization, more convenience, better service, and easier ways to navigate healthcare, so hospitals are tasked with assessing both how they manage the patient experience as well as how they keep patients engaged.

boosting patient engagement

The right staffing solutions can enhance how your organization tackles patient engagement. It allows you to put the power of behind the scene healthcare professionals into action. They can tackle initiatives such as:

  • creating a patient-first atmosphere
  • protecting billing integrity
  • engaging through technology and data management 
  • focusing on case management

Let’s explore how some of those professionals can boost your organization’s patient engagement strategy. 

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