The National Cancer Registrars Association’s 2023 Annual Educational Conference is in the books. Harmony is excited to have been a sponsor and vendor at this year’s gathering in San Diego. As conferences come back into the mix, many financial officers of organizations are concerned with how to best maintain the continued education of their registrars while being mindful of budgetary restraints. As this year’s NCRA conference proved, the virtual meeting is a significant bridge to ensure those who need CEUs are able to reasonably obtain them.

For many, there is an air of mystery surrounding Cancer Registry, especially with an official name change to the title and certification coming by the end of the year; the concern over the number of available certified registrars; and, how to best integrate into the work force those who have a certificate, but lack the hands-on experience organizations expect with new hires.

As guidelines and rules change, so do the real-world applications of the data that CTRs capture. One topic of conversation at the conference was the possible expansion of RCRS cases and the challenge it will create for many Cancer Registries. Considering the current workforce challenges most organizations are already facing, it seems unlikely that they will have the workforce to accommodate a change in the standards unless creative workforce solutions are developed while leveraging the value of the registry to hospital leadership. In partnership with our clients, Harmony is deploying limited experience certified personnel with partners who are looking for long-term staffing solutions.

Another concern voiced at the conference regarding complacency from leadership regarding the registry: “Our leadership team at ABC organization doesn’t understand what we (Cancer Registrars) do!” Showcasing the value of your program can be challenging for those unfamiliar or uncomfortable making business presentations. It’s a learned skill and one that speaker Karen Mason discussed at length during her presentation in Registry Management. In conjunction with your Registry leadership, Harmony helps highlight the needs of your team through KPI development, Quality Assurance, Tumor Board support, and more.

Harmony is available to help you and your program reach its full potential. Feel free to contact us at 813-540-5385.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the NCRA 50th Annual Educational Conference in Indianapolis!

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