We’ve arrived into not only a new year but also a new decade. It’s the perfect time to reflect on short term and long term professional opportunities that lie ahead. When it comes to resolutions, there are of course the classics such as to eat healthier, lose weight, learn new skills, and enjoy new adventures. But new year’s resolutions for healthcare professionals often include another level of aspirations. Check out our list of resolutions below that will inspire you to have an incredible year.

1) Level up your career

Who doesn’t want a promotion or an exciting new job opportunity? Instead of waiting to see what might happen in 2020, start taking steps to move your career to the next level. Consider options such as:

  • obtaining new credentials
  • attending professional conferences
  • working with a recruiter to help you identify opportunities
  • returning to school to reach the next degree level
  • using your skills to teach or mentor

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Any of these can you increase your knowledge base and help you grow your personal brand. They can also make you more productive in the workplace and active in the health care industry. This can boost your earning potential and create even more new opportunities down the line.

2) Learn more about how healthcare is changing

Patient care, access to it, and opportunities within the healthcare industry have evolved exponentially over the last decade. Needless to say that won’t change going into 2020. Take time to review legislation changes, trends, and more.

Choose a few areas related to your career and educate yourself on them. At a minimum, it’s always helpful for you and your team for you to be well-informed. Through your research, you may even find opportunities for you to advocate on an issue.

3) Take care of your bottom line

Business planning is essential for every year. But 2020 is an opportunity for healthcare professionals to evaluate, analyze, and re-approach. Take a look at your finances and see where there’s room for improvement. If you’re in a revenue role with your organization, you already know to be prepared to make some tough decisions.

4) Get more organized

Organization is the key to efficiency. Use the start of 2020 to revisit organization in both your professional and home life. Find ways you can eliminate redundancies and other issues. The key is breaking things down into manageable chunks. Remember: many resolutions fail because people set their sights too high without an actionable plan.

Setting a goal of losing 50 pounds over a year sounds difficult. But breaking it down to 4 pounds per month makes it seem much more manageable. Do the same for your hospital or practice. Divide the day into 3-hour segments and analyze where you can make improvements.

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5) Review your technology and cybersecurity practices

New technologies are continuing to revolutionize healthcare. But healthcare professionals and systems are often the targets of a wide array of cyber attacks. Healthcare providers need to understand these risks and take measures to prevent them from happening.

Review your digital security policy and see where you can improve. Educate all staff on digital hygiene best practices like using secure passwords and anti-malware to prevent costly cyber attacks.

6) Invest in self-care

Healthcare professionals undoubtedly experience high levels of burnout. That’s because you not only have to endure all the usual employment stresses but you’re also responsible for aspects of patient care. It’s crucial you’re at your best mentally, physically, and professionally. Make time for essentials like:

  • exercising regularly
  • eating well
  • spending time with loved ones
  • getting enough sleep
  • enjoying hobbies

running as self-care

When healthcare professionals find ways to be kinder to themselves, the results benefit everyone.

Make 2020 your best year

2020 is a fresh start. Use the beginning of this decade to create both the personal and professional goals you need for business success.

Empower those around you to be a part of your goal setting and achieving team. Re-evaluate throughout the year to see where you’ve improved and where there’s still room for growth. Find ways to reward yourself for sticking with your goals. Set the stage to make 2020 your best year yet.

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