2018… do we want to sigh? It was with great anticipation that we entered the year, predicting 2018 as the year of meaningful change, yet much remains the same. Our health insurance costs continue to rise outstandingly disproportionately to inflation—while healthcare on an individual basis has not appreciatively improved. Programs built to help physicians and facilities are not being taken advantage of to the extent they were built, while bureaucratic incumbencies continue to increase costs and slow progress.

Overall, the progressive nature of the U.S. healthcare system has been frustratingly restrained with system-wide progress elusive. As we move toward population health, wellness programs and better technology, the hope for the year ahead is that 2019 will incorporate the idea that we are moving from the age of data collection to the age of data use. New drugs and approaches will come into play, while a healthier population will help ease the pressure on already overburdened clinical personnel—the true heroes.

Solutions to these challenges exist. But implementing them will require a new mindset combined with proper investment. As the new year approaches, it gives us time to consider how to use those tools, as well as, when and why. A new year can and should be more than a date on a calendar. A new year should create a resolution to adapt.

The impact of medical technology and data use has already reduced unnecessary hospital days and dollars considerably. Electronic health records are proving their worth, if used correctly, to decrease costs and increase efficiencies. These represent the forerunners of what is to come which we should all view with optimism. We need to see a new year as a new day in physical reality by using what we have available in programs, technology, and ingenuity. Not seeing that new day will leave us in 2018.

At Harmony Healthcare, our commitment remains steadfast to delivering industry-leading revenue cycle management and population health solutions backed by exceptional client service and support. Thank you for continuing to trust in us. From our Harmony family to yours, we wish you health and happiness during the holiday season and all throughout the new year.

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