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project management pitfalls

Say No to Project Management Pitfalls

As hospital leaders, you are often asked to do more with less in the ever-changing landscape of our healthcare system. Your responsibilities are often compounded with a handful (or more) of special projects you manage be it by choice or via delegation from leadership. It can be challenging to walk the tight rope of tackling such projects while ensuring the everyday expectations of your role don’t fall by the wayside. In this article, we’ll take a look at common project…

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steps to achieving your goals

Steps to Achieve Your Goals: 3 Simple Strategies

Setting goals is a journey into finding your motivation and identifying your objectives. What motivates you? Earning more money? Having opportunities to flex your philanthropy? Adventuring around the world? Reflect on what truly drives you, and then let your motivation be lit with that flame. Sounds simple, right? If only that were the case! In this guide, we’ll look at 3 key steps to achieve your goals that you can put in play today. Step #1: Ask questions that matter…

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making meaningful connections with social

Making Meaningful Connections in a Social Media World

Every job seeker has it ad nauseam: it’s not what you know, but who you know. And while it will undoubtedly always have a place in the workplace, it’s time to double down digitally. Making meaningful connections with social media can open networking doors and lead to valuable long term relationships. The rise of the digital connection  We are more connected as a society today than ever before. Social media platforms have shaped the way we communicate with colleagues, friends,…

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